Monday, May 13, 2013


It is graduation time and we have a wonderful selection of papers for you to use when scrapbooking those photos of the big event.  As you can see, there are also papers to use for those prom photos.
We also have a selection of custom scrapbook papers with the local schools' names and colors for you to use for all of those photos of your student.  Some, but not all, of the schools available are:  Mineral Wells, Strawn, Graford, Jacksboro, Millsap, Perrin, Weatherford, and Santo to name a few.  If we don't have your particular school, we may have papers with your schools' colors. 
The end of school marks the beginning of summer vacation.  We have a large selection of scrapbook papers and stickers for you to use when scrapbooking all of those photos of your trip.  There are papers from popular vacation spots in the United States as well as around the world.

Are you going to go on a cruise this summer?  Cat's has a large selection of papers and stickers for your cruise photographs.  Whether you are going on a tropical vacation or just hanging around the pool, we have the products for you to use.

Tomorrow I will share some photos of the new product lines we have gotten in for your vacation photos.  Come on down to the store and pick up your favorites to use when scrapbooking those wonderful vacation photos.

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