Sunday, May 5, 2013


How can day 3 be anything but fantastic when you have people dressing up in tutus?
Lance had everyone's undivided attention during his class.  Everyone had a blast creating his cute album.  Lance's classes are always a hit.
Everyone went crazy over the elephant dung (new product) that Cat put out several times during the day.
I hope Valerie tells Vickie her flamingo glasses are upside down before the group picture!
Ray played paparazzi for us while preparing to take the group photo.
Patrice Trickey did an amazing job making our three flamingo piñatas!
After all her hard work, we just swing bats at them and bust them open!
Elvis had everyone smiling, including Valerie, even while he was doing his mic check!
Lance was smiling, but not too sure how thrilled he was with Elvis' serenade!
Elvis came out in his dress attire and had Shaunery, Stephanie, and Nanci accompanying him with the air guitar.
Elvis has left the building, but not until everyone had a chance to get their photo taken with him.  Elvis was truly a HUGE hit and enjoyed by all.
We still have more to do tomorrow, so stay tuned to see what we do!

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