Saturday, May 4, 2013


Flamingos are EVERYWHERE at Mitchell's Resort and RV Park!!
They are decorating the tables in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  These are very tall.
This one is all out of metal.
These are smaller and so very cute.
This one brought is ready for the pool with its floatie and lemonade.
These flamingos are really pretty and look like they are out of mercury glass.
Nanci brought this flamingo wreath to decorate her classroom here and it also decorates her classroom at school during the week.
Ann and her daughter Debbie brought a whole flock of flamingo cookies to share with everyone.
The cookies were ALMOST too cute to eat....but not quite.  They were quite yummy!
Geni wore a beautiful flamingo shirt.
This just makes me those dancing flamingos!
Shaunery added some flamingos to her cool hat.
Speaking of cool hats, how about Stephanie's much fun!!!
Kelly and Vickie have palm trees and lots of flamingos decorating their crop area.
The food was wonderful again today.  Cat's tortilla soup and Ray Jr. (Sharon) made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  A delicious dinner of grilled chicken breast was catered by Mesquite Pit.  We have had some wonderful desserts baked by our sweet Patrice. 
Tomorrow is another day...I wonder if more flamingos will come to visit us?

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  1. I am having the best time EVER!! So festive and so creative. I am amazed at how everyone jumped in on the flamingo theme!! Best NSD EVER!!