Friday, May 3, 2013


The retreat is officially in full swing.
The flamingos have invaded the park....
oh wait, there are two of them!
Nanci and Sharon were hanging up flamingo banners.
The food bar is decorated with lots of flamingos---even flamingo lights!
This class is over, lots of us are still working on our albums, but Nanci provided us with plenty of instruction on how to do everything.  
Nanci had everyone's full attention during class, well, almost everyone!
Certain people had to sit in the corner during class...we won't call any names!
Cat's cruising album was right after Nanci's class.
Everyone had a great time making these fabulous albums and the paper was a HUGE hit!
Nanci and Sharon were acting silly while they were putting out some elephant dung (new product).

The catered meal from Pulidos was a HUGE hit with everyone.  Everyone was very pleased to get one of their wonderful pralines for dessert.

Day one has been great....can't wait for all the fun on day 2!

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