Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The new My Minds Eye releases have arrived at Cat's!  Above is the adorable My Girl collection.
These are all of the accessories for that collection.  The colors for this collection are so cheery and bright.
This is the Boy Crazy collection.  Don't you love how they put bicycles in both the boy and girl collection! 
And, the accessories for the Boy Crazy line.  Love the washi tape for this collection!
Speaking of washi tape, My Minds Eye released containers of 6 rolls of washi tape.  The colors work great with their product as well as that of other manufacturers.
Love these colors.  That red and black colleciton is perfect for those Disney pages!
Here is a peek at the fabulous "Collectable" collection by My Minds Eye.  This collection is AMAZING!  The colors are fabulous.
And another peek at this collection.
Look at all of the amazing titles for this collection and the word stickers.
Some of the accessories for this collection, still in the box.  The washi tape is fabulous...I picked up a "few" of the washi tape.
Well, there you go...some wonderful products from My Minds Eye to tempt you on this beautiful Tuesday.  The weather is perfect for a trip to Cat's to pick up some of the fantastic new products that continue to arrive at the store every day.  

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