Saturday, February 16, 2013


There is a crop at the store today, so there will be lots of fun and creativity going on all day at the store.  Cat never knows what her customers will do next.
Sometimes the aisles are full of paper being matched and laid out.
Sometimes Patrice lays in the floor to look at the other side of the papers if it isn't shown at the bottom.  Cat thought she was just tired from the chemo....didn't know she was looking at the other side of the papers!
No matter what Cat's customers do, she can count on them being creative.
Denise Case created this beautiful mirror using Carta Bella's "Paris Girl" line of papers.
Sandra took the Valentine bags we made at the Mardi Gras Masked Mayhem and made additional ones with "conversation hearts" on them for her grandchildren.
Thanks to Cat's encouragement to make projects "our own", we aren't afraid to change things up and stretch our creativity.  One of the most fun things about scrapbooking at Cat's is that you just never know what is going to happen next.  In addition, creativity is shared and we learn from each other. 
I hope you are able to spend some time creating this weekend.

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