Saturday, February 23, 2013


The retreat is in full swing with the ladies all cropping away until all hours.
Ray and I have enjoyed seeing everyone when they come to the store to shop. 
The new Teresa Collins lines have been very popular.
More new product arrived at the store today, but it is more elephant dung for the retreaters. 
They will love it!
Did you see the new gelato colors?
Aren't these yummy?  If you have never used gelatos, you need to try them.  They are amazing for coloring bare chipboard.  I have really enjoyed finally using the bare chipboard shapes that I have had for years.  The gelatos are so easy and fun to use.
The retreaters may be hitting the stage never know! 
 Have a great day and I hope you are able to stop by the store to check out some of the new products in the store.

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