Sunday, March 16, 2014


I'm sure you were as thankful as we were for the wonderful rain that we received yesterday.

We were also thankful that Karen Hackney was able to spend the day cropping at the store.  It was her first time back since her husband's accident and she was a "little" embarrassed by some of the conversations around her....but she got over it!
 Lots to be thankful for when you have a room full of creative ladies having a blast.  
Valerie has provided us with more inspiration with this layout using "ouch" by Reminisce.  She documented her horse's injury from a run-in with a barbed wire fence.
The facing page that shows the original injury (minus all of the blood) and the resulting scar after the wound healed.  Valerie is great at journaling the story behind the pictures and told the story of how she tried not to freak out over all of the blood when she found the horse with its foot caught in the fence.  It took months to get the injury all healed up, but now Clyde is as good as new, thankfully.

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