Sunday, March 23, 2014


Anna O'Day had a very special birthday Saturday. She was celebrating with us at the 2-day class marathon event. She got a very special surprise from her sweet hubby. It was so much fun. He did good!
He was sneaking behind her as she talked to Denise Case totally unaware that he was behind her.
Look at the shock on her face!  It was priceless.
Roses AND a gift!  Anna was thrilled and so surprised.
Birthday roses and kiss!
 OOOHHH!!!  PRETTY!!!!!  
He gave her a beautiful, aquamarine (her birthstone) tennis bracelet.  Sparkly and beautiful.

We had so much fun singing happy birthday to Anna numerous times during the day.
But the most fun was seeing the shock and delight on her face when Bob surprised her!
Anna creates beautiful layouts and I can't wait to see the one she creates about this birthday surprise.

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