Tuesday, March 18, 2014


You never know what is going to happen during crops or classes at Cat's.  Fun is the name of the game!
Nanci spent part of her spring break at the store playing.  She was working on her beach box and got into character with her goggles.  While she was at the store, Denise Case came and did a make-up tag class since she wasn't able to make it on Saturday.
They had LOTS of fun playing around and making the beautiful tag from Saturday's class.
 Ann provided us with a beautiful turquoise frame to use for fun photos.  Valerie provided some Cat's bags and Vickie did a photo bomb---and then there are the good sports under the bags.  What a fun time!
Ride-em cowgirl!  There are all kinds of crazy antics at retreats.  You never know what is going to happen.
Ann is always such a great sport.  In this photo she had just found out she wasn't using a product correctly.  Everyone had a good laugh, including Ann!
Everyone dressed up for Ray's "Duck Dynasty" birthday party and had so much fun!
Kelly shows us how a redneck would attach their new stylus pen to their smart phone.  LOVE it!
Crawling under the tables...yep, Cat will get you on film!

So, for a good time and lots of creativity.....

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