Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Cat took an altered art class at CHA from Nathalie Kalback and had a blast.  
Guess what came in at the store today!
The Creative Palette "Gelly Plates" that Nathalie used in her altered art projects! 
 There are great instructions and photos on the back that show how to use them.  
I picked mine up today and can't wait to use it!  
Also got all of her new stamps & each set comes with a stencil! 
 The pic of the included stencil is in the upper right corner.
 Each stamp set has a different stencil. 
Check out the big splat stencil that comes with these fun stamps.  AWESOME!!!
This is the stamp set that Cat used in class and had so much fun using.  
All of these stamp sets are literally FLYING out of the store.
Cat ordered more of the Gelly Plates than she did the stamps, so there are plenty of those.
But, if you see a stamp set you want, you better hurry....
or you may have to wait for the

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