Monday, January 27, 2014


Are you ready to see some more of the new products announced at CHA?
Just a reminder:
I am sharing what the
 manufacturers are offering, but this 
does not mean they are all going to be ordered for the store.  
The store is not big enough to hold EVERYTHING that
is offered, so Cat does her best to order what the majority
of her customers want.  
The items that Cat orders will be scheduled out and will
arrive over the next several months. 
It's no secret that we LOVE to adorn our pages with ADORNit!
And, they announced that they will be releasing a new collection every month of 2014.
In January another beautiful Family line is being released and it coordinates with previous family collections.
In February, a really cute collection for gardens and girls.
In March a really cute collection for those outdoorsy and camping photos.  Check out that cute woodpecker!
In April there is a wonderful summertime collection - LOVE those watermelon hexagons.

These are the only collections they revealed, but I must say, they are FABULOUS!!!!

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