Friday, January 3, 2014


Are you ready to be dazzled by some more sneak peeks?
Just a reminder:
I am sharing sneak peeks of what the
 manufacturers are offering, but this 
does not mean they are all going to be ordered for the store.  
The store is not big enough to hold EVERYTHING that
is offered, so Cat does her best to order what the majority
of her customers want.  
The items that Cat orders will be scheduled out and will
arrive over the next several months.

Today, we are going to check out the new My Minds Eye collection that is in 4 color schemes and goes in the rounder at the front of the store.  It is called "Now and Then"
Now and Then-Dorothy // via My Mind's Eye
Introducing Dorothy, with a beautiful rainbow of colors.
Now and Then-Izzy  // via My Mind's Eye
This is "Izzy" and isn't it beautiful!  My favorite colors!
Now and Then-Milo // via My Mind's Eye
"Milo" is beautiful with all of the teals, blues, and golds.
Now and Then-Mildred // via My Mind's Eye
The final installment of the collection is "Mildred".  Such a great collection!
To see closeups of all of the papers and embellishments, click here.
Chalk Studio II // via My Mind's Eye
If you are a fan of the chalkboard trend, you will LOVE "Chalk Studio II".  You can see closeups of this here - just scroll down.

Don't know if Cat will order all of these.  It is a LOT of product!  We will just have to wait until it all starts pouring in!  Start saving your money are gonna need it!

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