Friday, January 17, 2014


Are you ready for a cropping good time?  
 There are just a FEW spots open for the crop tomorrow.
So, call and reserve your spot so that you can:
Discover "treasures" that have been packed away since your last retreat.
Sharon discovered her flamingo from the NSD retreat at one of the crops.
Visit The Yogurt Shop for a yummy yogurt break.
We always get inspiration from the other croppers.
Oh might shop a little....or a LOT!
Cat just got back from CHA and things are starting to arrive from the show.  
You never know what you will find in those boxes!!!!
You might try to "plank" and act goofy with friends.
And, you might fall out of your chair....once we know you are OK we will all laugh with you!

So, call Cat and see if there is still room for you to 

1 comment:

  1. Can't make it this time around. So all of you have fun. And sadly I think the Yogurt shop closed down. Bummer. I did like that treat in the afternoon.