Sunday, November 3, 2013


Yesterday was the first Saturday crop at the store.  Lots of cropping fun!  I don't know about you, but sometimes it just seems like too much trouble to pack my stuff up to go to a crop.  But then you see the pictures of all of the fun and creativity going on and you remember why it is important to go to crops, classes, and retreats.
We get so much from the camaraderie - who DOESN'T need time with friends??!!   Sharon discovered her flamingo glasses from the NSD retreat, which then triggers even more fun memories of time with friends.  
She also discovered a "drowned" flamingo in her Tim Holtz water cup....she was quite "distraught" over this poor pink thing!   We get so silly at crops, classes, and retreats...which is so good for us!
Crops provide a great time to complete unfinished projects.  Check out the beautiful boxed album that Sharon was working on from Sandy's class.   LOVE the Mother Goose collection for this project.
Nanci is always a source of inspiration for everyone.  She was working on tags and a banner class that she will teach at the retreat next weekend.  I'll share pictures of the banner tomorrow---it is BEAUTIFUL, of course!
Walking around and checking out everyone's projects is a great way to gain inspiration.  A crop and/or retreat surrounds you with creative people and can jump-start your creativity.  

So, before you decide NOT to pack your things and join a crop or retreat, remember that it is SO much more than cropping.  It is time to re-energize, relax, and share creativity with each other.  It is SO worth your time and effort.  I have never regretted going to a crop, class, or retreat and always come home with so much more than a finished project. can go get some fabulous yogurt from The Yogurt Shop!!!

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