Saturday, November 30, 2013


Saturday, November 30th is 
Shop Small Saturday. 
This is the day to shop your locally owned and operated stores to support them in their efforts to bring you more than the box stores can.  Your local stores offer specialty product, special service and lots more fun. So, everybody head to Cat's to check out the happenings and the product.  We will definitely make you laugh as we try to give the the best service around!
Twine Pack Special
We are offering these wonderful packs of 24 rolls of twine in bi-color and solids for just
$9.99 Nov 30th Only!
 ($15 value)
100 count Cardstock Packs
$29.99 Nov 30th Only! ($40 value)
You won't run out of cardstock any time soon with these 100 count packs. 
Cardstock is normally 69 cents a sheet, which makes these packs a HUGE bargain. 
$2.99 Nov 30th Only ($4-6 value)
ViewTainer Storage
These are great for all those small pieces like brads, eyelets, buttons, etc. 

And, if that's not enough.....
Your entire purchase of regular priced product is
 20% off all day long 
Saturday, Nov 30th. 
We are open 10-5 and want you to get what you want without having to think about what is on sale. 
It is ALL on sale!! 
We aim to please our crafting ladies!!
So, come see us and 
shop BIG at Cat's on
Shop Small Saturday.  

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