Friday, October 19, 2012


Today, we are featuring none other than:
Ray, aka TomCat, studmuffin (Cat's nickname for him), and hero (Nanci's nickname for him).
I asked him for a short bio so we could learn more about him:

An engineer by trade I like things in right angles and precise. Twenty-five years ago I married Cat and she likes things off centered, harem scarem and hates right angles. Needless to say it does get interesting sometimes! I retired from GTE (Verizon) after 30 years and I worked around our place in the country fixing it up. Then Cat recruited me to help at the scrapbook store. Never knew I could have so many girlfriends-legally! I kept getting more and more involved in making custom albums for the classes that Cat and Nanci dreamed up.
The crystal ball album for Graphic 45's Wizard of Oz collection
This popular home decor item
Remember this gorgeous pumpkin album?
This album that included a slice of a log.
The very popular snowman album.
This super cute dollhouse album

First it was simply cutting shapes out of wood for Cat & Nanci and then they kept wanting to get more detailed. They were getting beyond my skil saw limits. I decided to get a laser for an upgrade to get out of the hot shop into a cool building.
Had NO idea I would have to learn all about it by myself by going online for videos, forums, etc. Still learning but getting better all the time. If Cat & Nanci would quit coming up with ideas I would be up to date! It has become a great hobby that I really enjoy.
And look at what he is making with this new "toy":

I love how he makes those banners and then the letters for us to paint to put on the banners.  Look at what else he and Cat have cooked up for us:

This adorable mug album will be a class in January.  It uses a new collection from BoBunny.
I hope you enjoyed learning more about Ray and seeing how much he contributes to this hobby we love.  We would not have nearly as many cute mini albums if we didn't have Ray.
Yes, he does build it with his own two hands....and we are SO VERY glad that he does. 
Thank you, Ray!


  1. My work buddy! Great write up on Ray! I had no idea when I met Cathy that I would be privileged to know you too! We are two of a kind! You do great work and you are definitely an asset to the store! You keep things interesting! You are doing a great job learning how to use the laser! You're a scrapbooker...just in a whole different way! Look forward to see new creations from you!

  2. Thank you Ray! Cat's Creations would not be the same without you and your awesome saw skills! I love my wood Copic tote box and my snow globe album that I know you cut out for us! That is pretty cool that you have so many "girlfriends". Ha, ha.
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  3. I am so fortunate to have a husband that is also a partner in my passion of creating. He has been very supportive (until 25 boxes of new product hit the store several days in a row, lol) of this venture and is always willing to figure out how to make crazy ideas come to life with wood. Now he can do chipboard and our new fav--corrugated cardboard cut outs. Love you Studmuffin!!

  4. I have tried numerous times to post here but all attempts failed! I wanted to be the first which is why I TRIED to respond at 4:30 AM!!!! Well now I am just another commentor...maybe!
    Yay! For HERO! Thank you for all you do...especially for being my NASCAR dictionary!!!
    I think the reason I fit in is because I am a little of both of you! Angles, mechanics, lines PLUS mass chaos and confuzable maniac!
    Great story Marilyn! Thanks for including HERO! and THANKS CAT for sharing

  5. YAY! We are so lucky to have such a handy guy around the scrapbook store. And I know he loves all the attention we give him! LOL It's a darn good thing he's not easily embarrassed and takes us all in stride.