Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Cat and Ray have gotten everything set up at Mitchell's for the retreat.
Have you started packing all of your things?
Don't forget to pack the Depends....lots of laughing will be going on!
Remember to save a spot for your chair....we don't want this happening to you!
Then, the only thing we have to think about besides scrapbooking is food and sleep....
Don't forget your flashlights....
I haven't seen any bears, but I've seen (and killed) a snake!
Then get ready to
P. A. R. T. Y.
There has been some dancing on the stage around the midnight hour.  You just never know what is going to happen!

If you aren't going to this retreat, it's not too late to sign up for the November retreat.
The dates for the retreat in November is November 7-11th.  Call the store for the details and reserve your spot.

Then you'll be "dancing in the street" and ready for a weekend full of creativity, fun, and surprises.


  1. Ha, ha. Great post, Marilyn. I know everyone going will have so much fun as always and will buy tons of wonderful new scrapping stuff!!

  2. And for any of you that think these are jokes--Ha! The joke will be on YOU! It is that crazy, dancing on stage, running to the potty because you are about to pee your panties, pulling stunts on your friends and just enjoying yourself like you were 10 all over again!!

  3. It is the best time for your money! Amazing food...if you go hungry its your own fault! Beautiful country scenery if you need to walk to stretch your legs or clear your head. Wonderful make & takes and the new product (dung) you get first dibs on before it goes to the store! I have had to wait for a reorder several times because the new product showcased at the retreat sold out before it got to the store! Great post Marilyn! You did a wonderful job of depicting what our retreats are like. Now the best way is to "experience" it! Haven't been to a retreat? Sign up...I promise you won't regret it!