Friday, September 28, 2012


Yes, it is FRIDAY!!!  YEAH!!!
It is Friday and this week we are featuring the fun and fabulous Vickie Robbins.
You may remember Vickie from the bag sale and her huge haul of goodies from Cat's.  I believe when she got home and tallied up the value of her bag it was over $1000.  Not bad for a $50 investment!  She is definitely a shopper to be reckoned with.   I asked Vickie to send me a brief bio so that we could all get to know her a little better:

My husband, Glen, and I live in Stephenville and just recently celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary in September.  We have two children Megan 23, and Colton 19, who have provided me with alot of scrapbooking material over the years. 
This is a mini album that Vickie made for her daughter's prom pictures---BEAUTIFUL!
Fun layout she made of her son skiing.  LOVE all of the textures on it!

I have run a daycare in my home for 15 years and I really love my job. I have kept scrapbooks over the years with pictures of the children I've kept and enjoy looking back at them to see how each one of them has grown up. I try to keep in contact with their families through Facebook.   In addition, I have been active with our college ministry at our church for the last 3 years and gotten to know a lot of great students. Since they are in Stephenville only a few years it's great to preserve those memories in scrapbooks.
This is a beautiful birthday mini abum that Vickie made.
I started scrapbooking in the fall of 1999 and went to my first crop in January of 2000 when a scrapbook club started meeting. I was hooked after my first time going. Now 12 years later I'm as hooked as I was then except I have alot more stuff to haul around.  Scrapbooking has allowed me to meet alot of people that I wouldn't have met otherwise and formed friendships that will last a lifetime. My friends and I scrapbook as often as we can, it is a great stress reliever. We enjoy the time spent at Cat's and her retreats are like mini vacations. So, I don't see myself quitting anytime soon.
This is a layout of her grandmother and her great-grandchildren.  Love all of the flowers and borders...beautiful!
Vickie is a very organized and neat scrapbooker.  Her table is always so neat, which is something I can't even imagine, but wish I could do.  Nanci and I love giving her a hard time over her neat table at retreats and crops.  If you follow Vickie on Facebook, you have read her fun poems leading up to retreat time.
Crop on CROPPA!!!


  1. Don't forget COMPETITIVE! The woman becomes a barracuda when a scrapbook prize is at stake! She makes our games at the store more fun. She is always smiling. Vickie is a great one to share ideas & help others at crops & retreats. Love having her around!

  2. Yay Vickie!!! A fabulous and funny scrapbooker who shared her tips with me on snagging so much stuff at the bag sale. The first time I went by using her advise I got over $1000.00 of stuff for $50! Your mini albums here and the layout are beautiful Vickie. Keep on cropping!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  3. I just love Vickie!! She has an infectious smile and laugh!! She is a child-safety expert (LOL, Vickie, you know what I mean)...It wouldn't be the same at retreats without her!! I just need her to sit closer to me (okay, maybe not good for productivity) at the retreats!! Sweet friend, creative friend...that is Vickie

  4. Vickie is one of my favs! Always cheerful does beautiful pages and mini albums! I'm always glad to have Vickie at a crop!