Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is WOW Wednesday, the time when we get to see the Work Of our Wonderful customers.  I love getting to see how very creative our customers are!

We are going to have to limit the blog candy to one prize to a random paricipant or commenter until we reach twelve participants.  The number of participants and commenters will be combined and will be used to select the winner.  Once we get twelve participants, we will go back to having two prizes.  So, encourage your friends to start participating so that we can have two prizes again. 

I want to go over some requirements for participating in WOW Wednesday.  To be considered for the blog candy, you must post a project that you have created.  WOW Wednesday must also be mentioned in your post and be sure to let your blog readers know that there is blog candy being given away to a random participant or commenter. 

I really enjoy seeing everyone's handiwork and I hope that you can help us by getting your friends to participate in our WOW Wednesday.  I would like to welcome our new followers and hope that you are enjoying our blog.  Also, Remember that once we get 100 people following our blog there will be MORE blog candy given away! 

Thank YOU for participating in WOW Wednesday and sharing your talent with us.


  1. I appreciate the requirement reminders! After all the point of the "hop" is to promote Cat's! And I really appreciate the prizes. In fact I've been using some of mine from the package I won and will show it in a bit in my blog post for today! :) One question I there a deadline (time) for linking our blog post for WOW Wednesday? I'm assuming it should be done on Wednesday but is there a time deadline like 10 pm central or midnight? Also, is there a deadline (day) for commenting on the linked posts? Like must we comment today or by Friday night or whenever? Thanks! And I love WOW Wednesday too!
    sandy's crafty creations

    1. Wow Wednesday links should be on Wednesday by MN. Let's go for Saturday MN for posting comments on the links. I love to see all the fun stuff you ladies create with product from Cat's. Keep it up!!

  2. Oh good details and happy to have a reminder!! It's just so fun to share and see what everyone else shares!! :)

  3. Shaunery, you have been here twice and twice I have forgotten to give you your blog candy. Remind me!!! Old age has set in officially!!

  4. I LOVE WOW Wednesdays although I may not link up this week as I'm feverishly trying to pack for a "scrapbook/spiritual" retreat. There is NO LSS so will be basically emptying my craft room! Good thing Doyle bought me a new 4 door truck!

  5. What? No one linking up this week?!! I love looking at what others are doing with their stuff from Cat's! For those who don't blog you can do a free gallery of just photos with Flickr. I wonder if you could link to a Facebook gallery or album. Just thinking for those who don't blog. :)
    sandy's crafty creations