Friday, August 31, 2012


Today, I am featuring someone we all know and love:
But how well do you really know her?

Did you know:

Cat went to Utah and attended the first Creating Keepsakes University ever held.

She also attended Scrapbook Design University.

She is Copic certified and attended another certification class last Friday as a refresher.

Although Cat has been a scrapbook store OWNER for eight years, she has scrapbooked nearly her whole life.  She always had albums full of photos and memorabilia.  She started scrapbooking the way we currently scrapbook back in 1995, or 17 years ago.  She started out using McGill paper punches and doing punch art on her pages.

After purchasing the store, Cat held the first scrapbook retreat in April and it was attended by twelve people.  She had the second retreat six months later and it was attended by 27 people.  There are now four retreats held a year with the National Scrapbook Day Retreat being the big blow-out event.  For the last five years, the NSD retreat has been chock-full of classes taught by home-grown and industry designers.

What does Cat love most about scrapbooking?  That it can run the gamut from clean and simple or be jam-packed with ribbon and bling.  She also enjoys looking at all of the supplies at Lowes and Home Depot and thinking up ways to use unconventional products in her scrapbooks or projects.

We have all seen the projects that Cat has created.  She loves designing custom, one-of-a-kind mini-albums that hold standard 6" x 4" photographs. 
Authentique loved the beach pail album she created featuring their paper and a beach ball.
BoBunny loved the "over-the-top" way that she and Nanci have used their products in different classes for the store so much that they wanted Cat's to be the first local scrapbook store featured on their blog.
Adorn It Loved Cat's work so much that they asked her to design some projects for them.

Cat's husband, Ray, cuts book covers for us out of wood and is learning how to use the new laser so he and Cat will be able to make all kinds of cool things for us now.  And who can forget what a good sport Ray is and how well he played the murder victim for us during the murder mystery weekend!

Cat and Ray will be celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary on September 25th.  What a great looking couple!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our fabulous store owner.  I know I enjoyed interviewing Cat and being able to share these tidbits of information with you all.

Don't forget that the store will be closed on Labor day.  Make plans to visit the store this weekend so that you can take advantage of the big sale!


  1. WOW, I did learn a few new things about Cat! I'll never forget her anniversary now - it's on my husband's birthday and two days before MY birthday. WOOHOO!

  2. Happy early Anniversary Cat and Ray!

  3. You are quite a woman but I already knew that! I was at that first and second retreat! My how things have changed! Your creativity stuns me at times. How you think up that stuff is beyond me! If only I could have a "little pinky" worth! Doyle & I will celebrate 25 yrs September 11th! Gosh where did the time go! I'm with Selena...Love you girl!

  4. It is all of YOU that make it so worth having the store! I have never worked harder, laughed harder or met so many wonderful friends that will be life long friends (you know we will have our own scrapbook nursing home)in the true sense of the word. We all know our family good and bad stories, we share tears of grief and laughter with each other and we will always be there for each other. (Yes Ann, I know you don't have my back, you are under the table!) I love to create things. I have been a do-it-yourselfer & independent since I was a little kid. At 2 I would tell my mother, "I do it" whether I really could or not. My father would tell me I could not do something because I was a girl. Ha! He never learned that only made me more determined to do it! For the first time my BSability has come in handy and made it fun to share with you. Love all my ladies at the store but espescially those that have become very special friends.

  5. As for as my WONDERFUL husband--he has grown so much with this store. He was supportive of it and now has become a major part of the store with his woodworking talents. I am so glad that we can work together (even when he is purposely escalating my BP!) and have fun! I do love my Studmuffin!!!

  6. I loved doing this post about Cat! Her creativity is out of this world as well as her FUN factor. I'm just so glad everyone else is enjoying it as well.

  7. Awesome feature about our favorite Cat! And Ray too! :) I did learn a few new things. So much creativity and inspiration!
    sandy's crafty creations