Thursday, September 8, 2016

Authentique Mysterious Collection is AWESOME!

Are you looking for a FUN collection for the little ghosties and goblins in you house? This one is purrrfect. Not scary and the cut aparts are very vintage and sooooo sweet. No bad creatures in this collection.  I have two pages ready for my only 2 little goblins left. The other 3 are all too old for such nonsense. However, their Grannie still loves Halloween!

 Now this page took a bunch of fussy cutting The trees were a pain but they add so much to the page.  And those bats--yes well, now we know and understand the full meaning of BATTY. You will be such after cutting out all of those bats to adhere in a random fashion all over both pages of the layout. 

More fun with the fussy cutting on this page too, But you just have to have those bats flying around all over. Some are popped with foam and some are not.  Some are coming out of the photo mats and some are whole.  

Have fun creating with this awesome collection.  It will be so much FUN!

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