Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Musings from Cat (it is really me)

Cat here with the blog post today. Marilyn is feeling a bit under the sciatic nerve pain which seems to be rather aggravated by her knee surgery. She is really doing fantastic and has managed to do all the blog posts but one (now two) since her surgery. Her physical therapy is going great and she should be dancing a jig quite soon.  For now her sciatic nerve is driving her crazy and this is more like it:

Butch is trying hard to take great care of her and seems to be handling her demands quite well. She is not being too terribly demanding but then there are her moments of:

We hope Marilyn gets back moving and grooving soon as her laughter and fun spirit have been missed at the last few store functions.  She always makes us all laugh and realize we are so blessed. Take care Marilyn and get that new knee ready for scrapping.


  1. Thanks for filling in for Marilyn! Yes she is missed! Hope she is feeling better soon!

  2. Oh, by the way...this is Anna. I don't know why Google uses that name on your posts.