Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Craft Room Ideas

My sweet hubby decided I needed a bigger craft room so he took the window out of my existing room and added an extension room. I have a 10x12 room with a 9x13 extension. I use the original room to house most of my extra supplies. The new room has all the working space with the table, TV, and things I use all the time. He put in 3 windows giving me a gorgeous view and lots of natural light. Then he turned me loose with figuring out how to "fix" it. I looked at all kinds of craft rooms on Pinterest and had all these ideas. Well, I just chunked most of those when it came down to it and went with re-purposing things I already had in the house. It was so fun rummaging through cabinets and closets to see what I could use. My original room is done in Coca Cola theme so there is a lot of red. I wanted more turquoise for this extended room and was able to bring the two together.  There is a 3 foot doorway between the two rooms. Here is my view in the new area:
Needless to say I will be quite happy looking out over the hill at the sunsets as I work.  I plan on making a cute banner to hang across the windows. This was my grandmother's chair, then my mother's & now I have it. Kinda like having them here with me. But then, they are always with me!

Still need to paint some areas on my craft table. Ray made it so that I can sit or stand on either side. Or I can have a crafty guest and we can both work as this thing is wide.  This table came with the store and Ray re-worked it so that I could use it at home.

Got a little crazy doing some altered art on the table top. I just love playing with paints and fun stuff. The shelf is covered in On the Boardwalk from Graphic 45. There is pegboard on each end so I can hang things.

In my quest to find fun stuff to use in my room I found this old live flower arranger. Hmmmm, it is perfect for my brushes.  Ha! it worked and I was able to carry my Coca Cola theme over into the new area with this glass to use for water when painting. 

Add in a few little buckets in the corner to hold miscellaneous or "don't know what to do with stuff". Extra pens are in one right now and the second one has overflow foam squares.

My Mind's Eye had this washi tape that was PURRRfect for my color blending of the red and turquoise.  I covered a board with it to hang on the wall. Ray screwed in the two pen displays I had, I added plastic jars from nuts and now my markers have a happy place. Plus it looks pretty on the wall. 

 I get tired of having to unroll and roll up my non-stick craft mats so Ray helped me out again. He cut me this big ole "top" from really thick cardboard. I then painted each side different and added a craft mat to each side. Now these are non-stick for a reason. So, duct tape is about the extent of what will hold them down. 

 It hangs so nicely on the wall next to my table as it is really light. It is always flat and ready to go when I am ready to ink or paint. I can leave my self healing mats down on the table top and just grab this as I need it.  

Ray had these crates taking up space in his shop.  I decided a filmstrip they would make. He had the hardest time visualizing my filmstrip idea. Once he was on board with me he decided he liked the idea.  I used an old bushel basket for my scrap papers and the coke box is not just decor. See below.

I just love how this crazy idea turned out.  Fun stuff re-purposed on the wall. I have a mix of some of my custom albums and useful things in and on the crates.

My old Coke box is perfect for housing all the little unfinished projects I am working on at once.

Ever have a class project you don't know what to do with? Well there is no way I was going to wear and ruin this apron so I made a "curtain" out of it.  Don't really need curtains since we live in the middle of nowhere on top of a hill but this gives color. Notice: without having a clue for down the road it is turquoise with a dab of red!  Meant to be wouldn't you say? This is the 3rd window that helps with all the natural light. Of course I need a TV for listening as opposed to watching most of the time. All my various brands of dies and stamps are housed in that cabinet. My stencils are in the carry case. Need to get some decorative hooks and I will hang it next to it.

On the other side of the window is my Sizzix Pro on it's own table all covered in Bohemian Bazaar from Graphic 45.  Ray made the frame above the table and I painted and added the chicken wire. We then put the shelf on top of the chicken wire for some fun. I can hang tags, etc with decorative clips. The turquoise bins have embossing folders and small dies in them. Even held two of my custom albums. Found this bright happy light at Lowe's for just $20. Grabbed that puppy in a hurry. It makes me happy!

Step inside the original room for more goodies. Ray made these shelves years ago and I love them. My photos, papers, etc are located here. More custom albums on top. I keep my card stock in the rounder in the corner. Then I am not digging constantly for the right color.

This is the second wall of shelving that Ray made for me. More goodies (or as he says "crap") stuffed into these shelves.  Whenever we got in broken plastic cases I always took them home and used them myself. They hold a ton of goods in these shelves. I have little Tchotzkies on the top in fun containers.

No more olive oil and herbs in this little jewel. It now holds brads, etc.

No more sugar in the Coke container, more brads. Washi tape and corks are great in old vases.

Every scrapper must have loads of ribbon! Now that I am not sitting under the ribbon I am going to make 1 large rectangle of color instead of having most of it spread out in a long row.

Another fun re-purpose. . .an old cot spring. Ray cut the legs off and I now use this for adhesives, tools and whatever will fit on it. It is very, very heavy so it can hold a lot of product.

Now you have seen the re-organization thus far. I have just a few teeny weeny little ideas in my head that Ray can make for me and it will be complete. For now it is ready to go and I am ready to C R E A T E!  Lots of crazy ideas here in my craft room. I hope you were able to find something that inspired you to see what is in your closets to re-purpose. You just never know what silly little something can be used for a totally different purpose in life.
See ya at the store,


  1. Looks great...I bet you are one happy gal!

  2. I have one of those floral arrangers. Willing to part with it if you know someone who wants to buy it!!!

  3. This is awesome! Wonderful job by both of you! So happy for you that its finally completed!