Monday, July 28, 2014


Welcome to Scrapbook Mew...
On Saturday, August 9th, Cats  is offering
Back to the Basics all day event. 
Here is what to expect:

 Scrapbook 101-"Tools" 
 Learn the necessary tools for all classes that will carry you through with ease.
Scrapbook 201-"Layouts" 
 Learn the ins and outs of quick and easy basic layouts.
Scrapbook 301-"Sketches" 
 Learn to use the sketches as a tool to help jump start your creativity when making layouts.

Scrapbook 401-"Embellish"
 Learn to add fun embellishments to your layouts. 
Everything from ribbons & buttons to stickers and flowers. 
You will complete 6 pages during the course of the day and
receive your Associate of Arts Degree from Cat Mew!
Lite Lunch is included.

Cost: $40 
 Pre-Registration by August 2 is required.

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