Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This is kind of a different post than what I normally write for the store.  However, sometimes it is important to acknowledge the connections we make with the people we meet through this wonderful craft.  I know that I, personally, have made some wonderful friends through Cat's and scrapbooking.  When someone in our scrapbook world needs our prayers, our love, or our help, we pull together to provide what we can to help them through the tough times. 

We have lost some wonderful friends to cancer and have some who have fought or are currently battling cancer.  In addition, we have friends who have had catastrophes happen in their family.  Through it all we hang together to support them and to provide an escape for them as they face the challenges life hands them.

What I'm leading up to is that someone whose product we love is currently facing a huge challenge.  Teresa Collins' husband was diagnosed approximately a year ago with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma.  He underwent numerous treatments, which included intense chemo therapy, with good results.  However, a month after celebrating his birthday and 100+ days post transplant, he told Teresa about a large lump on his neck.  Unfortunately it has grown instead of going away.  They are now going to do testing/biopsy to find out what they are dealing with.  Needless to say, the family is scared.    They need the prayers of us all as they face the unknown.  I don't know how Teresa has been able to go on other than the fact that she was providing for her family during this time when Ty has been incapacitated.  

We never know what the future holds and, as the saying goes, "there but for the grace of God, go I".  Friends and family help us make it when life throws us a curve ball.   I have been touched so many times when the scrapbook family at Cat's has come together to help so many who have been dealt a devastating blow.  Let's remember this family in our prayers as well as any other family who is facing struggles.  

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