Friday, May 2, 2014


This is what everyone found on their table at the retreat....FUN!!!
Then at 4:00 p.m., those who signed up for this class from Joey went to the 
"classroom/dining room" in the new building to make this beautiful album.
Then it was be time for dinner and a "Pajama Raid" trip to the store.

After some sleep (or not), a delicious breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls was eaten so that we would have the "strength" for our second add-on class from Joey:
Check out this cool interactive album that we are making!!
We will break for a delicious lunch of chicken tortellini.
 After lunch, we will do Cat's printer tray class if we opted for it.
Then at 3:30 half of us will make some fabulous layouts with Joey.
If you signed up to make a beach banner with Nanci, you will make it from 4-6:00 pm.
Before we have dinner, we will bust these cute pinatas that Patrice made.
They are filled with goodies from Bazzill and Cat.
We will feast on a chicken breast dinner from Mesquite Pit.
After dinner the other half of us will do the layout class with Joey.
Then off to the store for another Pajama Raid!

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