Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - and Cat has a blue tree full of Cat ornaments!  LOVE it!
Seems there is a nasty rumor afloat that Cat's is going out of business. 
Not sure where that's coming from but we are still here & floating on the river of crafting!!! 
We plan to celebrate Mardi Gras with you!
We plan to be here for Easter...
and for Cinco de Mayo and National Scrapbook Day - 
already making plans and taking reservations for that one!
We plan to be here for all of your vacation scrapbook needs.  You gotta have a place to buy all of those cool supplies for your vacation photos.
Cat wants to have her SECOND annual birthday retreat to celebrate 10 years in August.
You just never know what rumors are going to start the rounds, but this one is definitely 
So, we will see you at the store!

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