Monday, December 9, 2013


While some of the main roads have become passable, a lot of the side roads are still treacherous.  I have a hill to get down so that I can get to work and then some windy, hilly roads to drive on before getting to the main roads.  Thanks to the "out of the box" thinking of one of our neighbors, we were able to retrieve my car from the bottom of the hill.  This neighbor used a propane torch and a shovel to melt, then scrape the ice off of our hill.  Who would have thought!!!  It worked beautifully and everyone was able to finally drive their vehicles up the hill.  
Check back here tomorrow morning to see what time and if the store will be open.  
I hope to see you at the store so that you can pick out your favorite winter collection for all of your photos from this winter event.  We know lots of people have cabin fever, so we hope to have to store open so that you can get out of the house and to your favorite scrapbook store!

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