Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Can you believe there is still so much ice on the ground?  Tomorrow it will be one week since the sleet descended upon us.  When my husband and I were driving home from the store Monday night, we passed Travis Elementary School and the grounds surrounding the school looked like they were a solid sheet of ice on top of the sleet.  Super dangerous for trying to get around.
Look at these poor cacti - they are probably wondering what happened to those warm temperatures!
We have had beautiful blue skies and sunshine the last couple of days and it has thankfully melted some of the ice.  However, with clear skies come really cold temperatures at night which then refreeze everything.  So...we still have ice.  Most of the roadways are clearing, slowly but surely.  However, wherever the roadways are shaded, there is still ice.  
Nanci Holtsford shared this on Facebook and BOY is it ever true.  I think the teachers will be going back to work and kids will be going back to school.   And I hope YOU are able to make it to the store to pick up some scrapbook supplies for all of those cool photos you took of the ice and winter weather activities.

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