Sunday, January 6, 2013


We received some sad news from Trish at Sketch Inspiration. She will be closing the site and taking a break for awhile. She has books ready from all the sketches of 2012 that will be available at the store January 8th. They will be just like the previous books: handy size and filled with great inspiration to boost you when you need that extra little punch.   You can pre-order your book to make sure that one is available for your purchase.
We don't want to lose her talent and inspiration in our world of scrapbooking so she has promised to keep us going with a couple of sketches each month that we can feature here and on facebook.   We are excited to continue working with Trish and her fabulous sketches.
I know Trish's sketches have really stepped my scrapbooking up a few notches. I am so thankful for the inspiration she has provided through her wonderful sketches.  I am definitely planning to purchase the new book so that I will have all three years of the sketches...lots of inspiration to keep me going!
for the past three years of inspiration through your wonderful sketches. 

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  1. Yes, thanks for the inspiration and I am glad you are not totally going away. I LOVE Sketch Inspiration sketches! Can't wait to get my 3rd sketch book!