Sunday, February 23, 2014


A room full of busy, cropping ladies.  
Looking at this, you would never suspect
that there are steer riders in the crowd!  LOL!
Or that there were steer wrestlers among those croppers.
But there were and there were also
some photo bombers!  And some bag-heads.....
Oh my, the crazy things that happen at retreats!
Teresa learned not to get too distracted when "spackling" on your art journal pages
or you might wind up with spackle on your FACE!
This group of ladies had a blast and were loads of fun.
These girls swear they were framed...they are innocent!  LOL!
It is always fun to take pictures with the turquoise frame.
It took some doing, but everyone got together for a group shot.
A spectacular sunset on another spectacular retreat day.

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