Saturday, February 15, 2014


It's been a busy week at the store.  
"Elephant Dung" has been arriving for the retreat next week.
Husbands visited the store to purchase gift cards for their Valentines.  
There were some very happy ladies when they opened their Valentine surprises.
Remember the Hampton Arts scrapbook armoire that Cat has at the store?
Photo: Got this awesome Craft Armoire at Cat's Creations!!!  Loving organizing all my treasures!!!!
This is Teryia Sims' armoire that she has started filling up with her stash.
Her sweet husband put it together and hung it on the wall for her.
Her goal is to get two more and have them side by side by side on a wall where when you open them you have a wall FULL of scrapbooking treasures.
If you would like one of these fabulous organizers, we have some in stock and can order one for you if we run out.  They are a great way to organize your stash in a compact space.

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