Sunday, July 29, 2012


We all know that everyone loves Cat's for the fun and crazy times we have at the store.  Back in February, we had a Murder Mystery Weekend and Cat's customers surprised her by dressing in character.  Each participant was assigned a Bazzill cardstock name and pictured above is "Spoiled Brat Sue"--love that tutu!!!   This was the very best costume of the weekend, but it was so much fun seeing how everyone dressed up.  When everyone arrived, the lights were out and we ate by candlelight:
Cat really knows how to throw a party for her customers.  In addition to this fun, we had a murder victim and a murder to solve:
It took him a while to die since he had to let everyone get their cameras focused --- after all everyone wanted to be able to scrapbook all of the fun.  More photos from this event can be found here.  While we were having a great time, we also made some wonderful projects.  In fact, it was so much fun, everyone that could signed up for "Scrapbook Island" a few months later.
This time we were divided up into teams and had to complete challenges.  The losing team then "cropped" someone off of the island. 
While they were working away on their projects, team members discussed how to beat the other team.   More photos from this event can be found here.
All the while, we were completing some fabulous layouts and learning new techniques.  We left with a bunch of completed projects and so many fun memories. One of the things I love about these events is that because it is back to back classes, all you really need to bring is your basic tools, unless Cat lets you know of a special requirement.

On October 26-27, Cat is holding another one of these project/class packed events.  It is going to be called "You Ought To Be In Pictures" --sounds like Hollywood glamour to me.  It will be interesting to see everyone dress up for this one.  This one is still in the planning stages, so no price has been set.  I know I'm planning to attend the one in October and I hope you will join me. 

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