Sunday, June 8, 2014


Check out this cool canvas wall hanging that Cat made using this:
 the Creative Palette by Stampendous.  
She will now tell you how she made that fabulous wall hanging:
Step 1 was to cover the Creative Palette with all the colors of paint I wanted to use.
 I made blobs, swirly lines and whatever.
Then I laid the canvas board down on the Creative Palette and squished it to get this 3D look. I just kept moving the palette until I had the canvas covered like I wanted.
Then I laid a paper towel down on the Creative Palette and rolled it with the brayer until it soaked up as much paint as possible. When I pulled it off I had this bit of fun.
 Decided to try it with the Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks.
 I let the paint dry completely then I added my Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks. After getting them placed like I wanted I went over the entire canvas with the white paint in a very thin coat. I peeled off the stencil masks and you could see the fun colors underneath.

I took that paper towel and tore it around the edges removing all the white. Then I fan folded it and tied it in the middle with twine & burlap. I frayed a burlap piece to place underneath it.

 I then made two flowers from canvas by cutting a long strip and then cutting it in small strips almost to the edge. Add adhesive and roll the piece to make the flower. I then added some spray mist to them. I layered all of these pieces as you see in the pic. 

I added a piece of burlap ribbon to the top. I used those pieces I tore off the paper towel and scrunched up in the middle of the burlap ribbon.

I then added the Graphic 45 butterflies to the burlap ribbon and one down into the fronds of the canvas flower. I added bling to them for their bodies. I also added some small bling to the letters in places for an accent.

There you have it!
Cat's instructions for making your own fabulous wall hanging.
I hope this inspires you to play with paint and the Creative Palette.


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