Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Grab a cup of coffee (or two) and be prepared to be WOWED by some amazing projects!
It is time to vote on our next Designer of the Month. We have 3 applicants this month.  Please email Cat at catbeaty@sbcglobal.net by October 24th with either Applicant A, B or C and your vote will count. The winner will be announced on Saturday, October 26th. Requirements for this month were a 2 page layout and a card using the items that were provided in the kit. Only ribbon and bling could be added. Let's show these talented ladies some LOVE!

Wonderful layout by Applicant "A" - love that witch on the side!
Close-up of the witch
Card and a cute treat bag.  Love those dimensional spiders!
Even the inside of the card is cute!

Wonderful layout by Applicant "B".  Love that pumpkin!
...and a close-up of that pumpkin along with other embellishments!
Applicant "B"s card.....
WOW...look at  the card now!  It grows!  SPOOKY!  LOL!

Wonderful layout by Applicant C.  LOVE that jack-o-lantern and ink blots!
Close-up of the pumpkin
and a close-up of one of the ink-blots.
Two cards from Applicant "C"
Close-up of the shiny witch in the middle of the first card.

There you have it!  The entries for the three applicants and it is going to be a really tough choice.  Each one has done an amazing job.  So, click on the images so you can see all of the amazing features, then make the tough choice.  Remember to email your choice to:  catbeaty@sbcglobal.net.
Cast your vote for A, B, or C!

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