Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Nanci & Sharon are getting geared up for the Wild Wild West NSD CatVention.
 How about you?
 Shaunery & Cat were painting away Monday morning. 
Getting ready for the Wild West Women!
It's just not the Wild Wild West without Wanted Posters. 
We have a lot of outlaws in this NSD group for sure 
so Shaunery & Cat made several.
We DO love our goodie bags at the retreats!
You may not know that Patrice puts together our goodie bags for us.
She takes great pride in going thru the give aways 
& painstakingly making certain that the 
contents of each bag is coordinated.
 She is almost finished with the goodie bags for NSD! 
Yay Patrice! 

Cat sent out a list of class offerings for us to peruse and
decide which classes we want to take.
So.....the countdown is on....
NSD is only a couple of weeks away!!!!
YEE HAW!!!!  

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