Thursday, April 30, 2015


Vickie's NSD Countdown for today:
  0 day till NSD retreat
 Today we are on our way to
"Paradise" in Perrin
Ma & Pa Beaty have everything ready for all you NSD Retreaters.
 Y'all can head on out to the park at 1pm today. 
See y'all thar!
P.S. Yor 20% discount starts today & goes all the way to Sunday!! 
How's about them thar apples???
Shaunery has all of her things packed up
and ready to head on out to Perrin.
She is even sharing her check list
to help everyone who is still packing.
Inks... check
paper... check
PHOTO's check (forgot those two years ago.)
Big shot..dies... check
tool kit & mats.. check
embossing gun..check
Probably should pack a suitcase at some point.....
So, get your suitcases and scrapbook bags packed.
Once you are packed, head up to the park and turn in at the new sign:
This is the place to go for a fun-filled, creative NSD
Cat-vention weekend.
 There will be DELICIOUS food.
 Some retreaters may take a nap.
 There might be some dancing (especially with Elvis).
Watch out for snakes...
this is the country, after all.
 You can go golfing - regular or miniature.
Yes, there will be lots of laughter, 
so pack the depends!
Get a move on and 
get to the park
for a 

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