Sunday, August 31, 2014


Introducing "Yuletide Christmas" by Kaiser Craft.
If you love vintage Christmas images, then you will LOVE this collection!
 Absolutely beautiful die cut paper with holly and berries on it.
These vintage Santas are amazing.
  Some on the paper and then some are die cut.
Love that "Christmas Times" newspaper piece and that damask is gorgeous!
It just gets better and better!
Beautiful sheet of stickers to embellish your projects.
Isn't that holly paper beautiful?!
Love the verses and the miniature Christmas images. 
So many possibilities for those miniature images.
Last, but not least, a close-up of the die cut pieces you can
use in so many ways.  
Cat has already had a phone in order for some of this and 
sent it out.  It is flying off of the shelf
So, if you love it, hurry to the store and pick up yours now!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Did you get the email
or read the blog
about the BIG
"Labor Free Sale" 
If it's previously released HOLIDAY 
 it's 60% OFF!
  We will give you a list of the
 newest collections that are excluded.
Still lots of great product to choose from & such a deal! 
Can you say
collections too?  
These are also 60% off older product.
 Come to Cat's for your
While you are picking up the bargains, you will want to
check out the new products as well.
Beautiful lines from Kaiser Craft are here.
Fun products from Art Anthology are just
waiting for you mixed media gals.
Need something to put your mixed media on?
New canvases are here too!'s an
Don't miss it!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Are you Labor Weary? 
Need a Break from getting kiddos ready for school, 
work or just life in general? 
Come to Cat's to get away from your Labors
 with some Retail Therapy  
on Saturday August 30, 2014
We will make it worth your while. . .
If it's previously released HOLIDAY it's 60% OFF!
  We will give you a list of the newest collections just in that are excluded.
Still lots of great product to choose from & such a deal! 
Can you say BACK to SCHOOL & SUMMERTIME collections too?  
These are also 60% off older product.
While you are picking up the bargains, you want to
check out the new products as well.
This is just a sample of the gorgeous
new Kaiser Craft Christmas collection.

So, make sure you include a trip to Cat's 
on Saturday in your Labor Day Weekend Plans.
No Labor involved....just bargains and retail therapy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It's only
22 days
until the retreat!!!
It will be time to get the suitcases and 
scrapbook bags packed.
Load up your vehicle 
(we all wish we had this much help!).
Once you are packed, 
head up to the park and turn in 
at the sign:
This is the place to go for a fun-filled, 
creative weekend.
There will be DELICIOUS food.
 Some retreaters may take a nap.
 There might be some dancing.
Watch out for snakes...
this is the country, after all.
 You can go golfing - regular or miniature.
Yes, there will be lots of laughter, 
so pack the depends!
 See, I told you there would 
be lots of laughter!!!
Get a move on and
 get on the retreat train.
Call Cat and reserve your
spot at the retreat.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It is back to school time and
life quickly spins out of control!!!
It seems like 
"Life is  Circus",
and it really is!
Try not to get to distressed by the craziness, 
take some photos and document it.
Fancy Pants has just the line for your everyday circus:
"Life is a Circus".  
I love that page that says:
Welcome to my everyday circus.
Such a true statement!
All kinds of embellishments for your pages, including:
tags, library pockets, flair buttons,
journaling cards, paper bags, rolls of tickets, and more!
In addition to all of the embellishments, 
there are alphabets in every color and size you want!

So, when life at your house becomes a circus,
don't go crazy.
Just grab a camera and document the craziness.
Then come to Cat's and have fun scrapbooking 
your circus life.

Times to treasure.

Monday, August 25, 2014


 MEOW WOW  is over, and these are the 
canvases that were the closest to being completed:
Sharon Rafferty went all steam punk and created this amazing piece.
I LOVE it.  She wants to add some more color to the center canvas before
calling it complete.  Pretty amazing!!!
Shawna Caldwell created this lovely canvas.
I LOVE the colors and how perfectly all of the colors
 coordinated so beautifully with the adorable photos.
She had a few more finishing touches she wants to add before
it is finished.  I think it looks pretty amazing already!
Our most junior classmate loved all of the painting techniques
and had so much fun trying them all out.
And, our most junior classmate was the only one who 
actually COMPLETED her project.
She created a canvas with pictures of her
"American Girl" dolls.  
Don't you love how she spelled out the word "doll"
running down the right side of the canvas?!
I wish you could see all of the textures on this 
project.  What an amazing job and such talent!

Looking forward to seeing the completed canvases of
the rest of the class.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Using Tim Holtz distress inks is a form of mixed media, so
 MEOW WOW started with everyone gathered around the bar with Nanci.
She taught everyone how to apply the Tim Holtz inks and 
to spritz the tag with water to blend them.  
In addition, she taught the class how to emboss the tag
and then how to ink the embossed pattern for a wonderful effect.
Everyone enjoyed creating their unique tags for the canvases.
After lunch Cat demonstrated how to use "Gelly Plate" with 
paints and a brayer.

Another technique Cat demonstrated was dry brushing paint onto your project.
Ann created a beautiful canvas using the dry brush technique.
Cat impressed upon everyone how important it was to layer the various techniques.
This is the canvas base I created using the dry brush technique and then
layering on top of that with a stencil and spray ink.
Another technique demonstrated by Cat was wet brush painting, which 
gives you much more coverage.  Then layering the colors for your
desired effect.
We all learned to use a heat gun to dry the various layers of their project.

MEOW WOW won a big
So much fun with a creative bunch of ladies.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Besides the treat of having Jodi at the retreat and the fabulous classes that she taught, 
she and Jared provided us with 2 collections at bargain prices. 
PLUS, there was some left for you too! 
 The paper is only FIFTY CENTS on these 2 collections. 
The embellishments are from $.75-$3. 
It's a deal you just CAN'T pass up! 
Happy Go Lucky & Collecting Moments are the 2 collections.
I fell in love with this collection and just had to purchase it!
 Light blue, navy, green, and pink....GORGEOUS!!!
This is the other collection and it is so cute!  
It is a camping collection, but could be used for so much more!
Look at all these much to love!!!

So many embellishments to make your layouts BEAUTIFUL!!!

Make sure you plan a trip to the store today so that you can take advantage of the fabulous
price on these great collections.  They won't last long at this price!!
Hurry so you don't miss out!