Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It is back to school time and
life quickly spins out of control!!!
It seems like 
"Life is  Circus",
and it really is!
Try not to get to distressed by the craziness, 
take some photos and document it.
Fancy Pants has just the line for your everyday circus:
"Life is a Circus".  
I love that page that says:
Welcome to my everyday circus.
Such a true statement!
All kinds of embellishments for your pages, including:
tags, library pockets, flair buttons,
journaling cards, paper bags, rolls of tickets, and more!
In addition to all of the embellishments, 
there are alphabets in every color and size you want!

So, when life at your house becomes a circus,
don't go crazy.
Just grab a camera and document the craziness.
Then come to Cat's and have fun scrapbooking 
your circus life.

Times to treasure.

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