Monday, August 25, 2014


 MEOW WOW  is over, and these are the 
canvases that were the closest to being completed:
Sharon Rafferty went all steam punk and created this amazing piece.
I LOVE it.  She wants to add some more color to the center canvas before
calling it complete.  Pretty amazing!!!
Shawna Caldwell created this lovely canvas.
I LOVE the colors and how perfectly all of the colors
 coordinated so beautifully with the adorable photos.
She had a few more finishing touches she wants to add before
it is finished.  I think it looks pretty amazing already!
Our most junior classmate loved all of the painting techniques
and had so much fun trying them all out.
And, our most junior classmate was the only one who 
actually COMPLETED her project.
She created a canvas with pictures of her
"American Girl" dolls.  
Don't you love how she spelled out the word "doll"
running down the right side of the canvas?!
I wish you could see all of the textures on this 
project.  What an amazing job and such talent!

Looking forward to seeing the completed canvases of
the rest of the class.

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