Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It's only
22 days
until the retreat!!!
It will be time to get the suitcases and 
scrapbook bags packed.
Load up your vehicle 
(we all wish we had this much help!).
Once you are packed, 
head up to the park and turn in 
at the sign:
This is the place to go for a fun-filled, 
creative weekend.
There will be DELICIOUS food.
 Some retreaters may take a nap.
 There might be some dancing.
Watch out for snakes...
this is the country, after all.
 You can go golfing - regular or miniature.
Yes, there will be lots of laughter, 
so pack the depends!
 See, I told you there would 
be lots of laughter!!!
Get a move on and
 get on the retreat train.
Call Cat and reserve your
spot at the retreat.

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