Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fun Times at Pot Luck Crop

Once a month we have a Pot Luck Crop that involves lotsa food and lotsa fun and lotsa creativity. Everyone brings a dish to share and we have tons of room to spread out and crop on the 8ft tables at Mitchell Resort & RV Park.  I host 4 retreats a year there and now we are doing monthly crops there. It is always a great time with a lot of laughter.  There is the Itty Bitty Kitty store along with new product I put out for the ladies to have at.  It's kind of like a feeding frenzy! We also do a Make N Take for a little fun.

 I cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone, we had beans & corn muffins (made by one of the ladies sweet husband), we had pulled pork sandwiches, we had baked beans, we had dips of all kinds, and the sweets!!! Oh my you just have to look at the pic below of that wonderful Trifle that Weslana made.

Yes, we did get some cropping done and I even made a card--if you know me you know that is not my thing!

If you need a place to hang out and play where you can get creative ideas this is IT! The sunsets say it all!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fun News for Me

FUN email NEWS today. I'm so excited! I have been chosen to be a brand Ambassador for Adornit!!! I will be an "it" girl for Art & Coloring, Paper Crafting and DIY!!! You all know how much I love the Adornit Gals and their products so this will be a really fun 3 month honor. These ladies are a class act and their products are wonderful. Check out the Adornit products. They range from scrapbooking, quilting , coloring, stitchery, and clothing!!!
I will be featuring their Christmas Coloring Book in the Christmas Crafts Weekend at Rayline's in October. #brandambassador #scrapbooking #coloring #stitchery #clothes #adornitfabric#artplay


Are you ready for cooler weather, bright orange and  yellow leaves falling from the trees and the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere? I am. It has been a hot one in Texas of late and I am ready for some cool fall weather.  Authentique has hit it out of the park once again with their new Harvest Collection and I am ready for the pics with these two layouts.

I was on a really crazy fussy cutting frenzy when I made the Mysterious layouts and the Harvest layouts. Nothing is as it seems in these two pages.  The papers are all cut up and re-arranged cause that is just how I do it.

I love that this one gets 3 large size pics on here along with the journaling block.  I added a banner and a grouping of the fun stickers. Great page for pics of your table set up on Thanksgiving.

Authentique Mysterious Collection is AWESOME!

Are you looking for a FUN collection for the little ghosties and goblins in you house? This one is purrrfect. Not scary and the cut aparts are very vintage and sooooo sweet. No bad creatures in this collection.  I have two pages ready for my only 2 little goblins left. The other 3 are all too old for such nonsense. However, their Grannie still loves Halloween!

 Now this page took a bunch of fussy cutting The trees were a pain but they add so much to the page.  And those bats--yes well, now we know and understand the full meaning of BATTY. You will be such after cutting out all of those bats to adhere in a random fashion all over both pages of the layout. 

More fun with the fussy cutting on this page too, But you just have to have those bats flying around all over. Some are popped with foam and some are not.  Some are coming out of the photo mats and some are whole.  

Have fun creating with this awesome collection.  It will be so much FUN!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Layouts With Felicity from Authentique

 It's What We Scrappers DO!

Yes, as scrappers we have so many faults when it comes to our beautiful craft of preserving our memories. Yes, we are Hoarders of the most beautiful papers and the most wonderful embellishments. Yes, we do stage our pics just so they match the newest papers. As you can see by these two layouts using the Felicity Collection from Authentique it is obvious that sometimes we go a weeeee bit crazy when we are staging those pics. Heee! Heee!

This collection has my fav color--turquoise. So naturally I had to use it. And then there is that bicycle theme going on here with an old fashioned flair. Well, it just so happens that I have this cute little yellow bicycle that is really a plant stand.  The ideas started rolling and Ray was not happy with this one. But alas, he went along and the pics turned out pretty cute. In fact, they were purrrfect for this paper and made a one of a kind layout. One of those kind that our kids will be looking at these when we are long gone and wonder why they never committed us!!! Life is much to short to be crabby. One should always live it to the fullest, laughing all the way, knowing full well everyone is trying to figure out why you are always so happy and crazy.  

Thank you Authentique for such a wonderful product -- Always.  Your papers are so much fun to use for all my crafting projects.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Drawers by Felicity

You know that I am an avid LOVER of Authentique Papers. This adorable Felicity Collection, in just my shade of turquoise, is a fun one to cause great creative thought processes. It makes you happy with the pretty colors (you know I love turquoise and blues) and the gorgeous artwork just take you back to a time when life was so simple and just plain fun. Layouts have been done but then. . .  

My friend Sharon and I went to the GASC Crop. We figured since we were working GASC we might as well hit the crop too. We both won a prize and mine was this pack of cut out wood pieces that just had "10 shelves" written in sharpie on the outside of the bag. 

I got home and decided to check out my prize package of wood pieces. There were soooooo many pieces and not one bit of instructions. I figured out the drawers but had no idea what the base pieces were supposed to do. No amount of mixing up those pieces to make a case for a drawer was working. Ray was laughing at me saying I had more patience than he did. Now that's a stretch. There was however a card from SaCrafters in the bag. I went to their website, found the item along with several other wood piece items they sell. By looking at the pics I figured out how it went together. Then I found the videos. Let's just say I did better looking at the pics. Too many distractions and interactions with off camera people for my taste on a tutorial video. Plus watching 35 minutes of this lady painting each piece was more time consuming than I was into.


My brain started turning and the creativity cells kicked into high gear. Out came the turquoise paint and the Felicity Collection. Once it was all done and covered with paint and paper it was time to bling it up. We all have those containers full of ribbon, bling, buttons, leftover pieces of embellishments don't we? Of course we do, it is the common creed of all hoarders, er I mean crafters! So, I started diving into mine to find just the right pieces to use on this new creation. I love the little wooden spool with the hat pin on the top of the shelf. The card holder would also be a great place to showcase a pic. You can change it often--just pull out the existing and add a new one. How fun would that be to have a new pic every week?

This adorable little desk top shelf with 10 drawers is what happened a day later. I think it is just tooooooo cute. It just makes me happy. It would make a great gift. Hmmmmm, wonder what I will do with it?????

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Front Porch Spirit

Have you been lagging behind in getting into the Spirit of the USA? July 4th is getting closer. Check out all these easy and fun ideas (love that Pinterest) that you too can do to have your front porch in the most Explosive of moods!

Look at these adorable "firecrackers" made from scrap 2x2 boards. I painted them with my Dylusion paints and used a variety of stencils to add some Pop to them.  Drill a hole in the top of each one and add some jute for a fuse.  I added a board across all three on the back so they would stand up easier and stay straight. Tie the jute around them and place on your porch.  These are 14", 12" and 10" tall.  I have them siting on my old antique stove on the front deck.

Then I got crazy with the 2x4 scraps (Ray is getting tired of me rummaging through his scrap wood pile and needing things cut, lol.) and made really BIG firecrackers to stand by the front door.  I had one banged up shutter left from a class and decided to make it into a "flag" to go with the firecrackers.  I used the same Dylusion paints as on the smaller firecrackers along with the stencils and the alpha masks from Hazel & Ruby.  No, there are not the correct number of stars or stripes because it is just the "idea" of a flag.  

I love decorating and now that I am home I can actually spend time doing all those things that I have put aside for the past 12 years.  I am having soooooo much fun doing all these cool things.  What have you done to add Spirit to your house?