Monday, June 27, 2016

Drawers by Felicity

You know that I am an avid LOVER of Authentique Papers. This adorable Felicity Collection, in just my shade of turquoise, is a fun one to cause great creative thought processes. It makes you happy with the pretty colors (you know I love turquoise and blues) and the gorgeous artwork just take you back to a time when life was so simple and just plain fun. Layouts have been done but then. . .  

My friend Sharon and I went to the GASC Crop. We figured since we were working GASC we might as well hit the crop too. We both won a prize and mine was this pack of cut out wood pieces that just had "10 shelves" written in sharpie on the outside of the bag. 

I got home and decided to check out my prize package of wood pieces. There were soooooo many pieces and not one bit of instructions. I figured out the drawers but had no idea what the base pieces were supposed to do. No amount of mixing up those pieces to make a case for a drawer was working. Ray was laughing at me saying I had more patience than he did. Now that's a stretch. There was however a card from SaCrafters in the bag. I went to their website, found the item along with several other wood piece items they sell. By looking at the pics I figured out how it went together. Then I found the videos. Let's just say I did better looking at the pics. Too many distractions and interactions with off camera people for my taste on a tutorial video. Plus watching 35 minutes of this lady painting each piece was more time consuming than I was into.


My brain started turning and the creativity cells kicked into high gear. Out came the turquoise paint and the Felicity Collection. Once it was all done and covered with paint and paper it was time to bling it up. We all have those containers full of ribbon, bling, buttons, leftover pieces of embellishments don't we? Of course we do, it is the common creed of all hoarders, er I mean crafters! So, I started diving into mine to find just the right pieces to use on this new creation. I love the little wooden spool with the hat pin on the top of the shelf. The card holder would also be a great place to showcase a pic. You can change it often--just pull out the existing and add a new one. How fun would that be to have a new pic every week?

This adorable little desk top shelf with 10 drawers is what happened a day later. I think it is just tooooooo cute. It just makes me happy. It would make a great gift. Hmmmmm, wonder what I will do with it?????

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