Saturday, April 25, 2015


Cat used the new "Durable" collection from
Authentique to create this fabulous layout featuring
her grandson Jake and "Papa" Ray.
Love the mixture of burlap with this paper.
Such precious photos!
This collection is going to be VERY popular
at the NSD retreat.
That's's not available at the store yet.
It is "elephant dung", aka new product,
for the retreat.
Speaking of the retreat....
Vickie's NSD Countdown for today:
6 days 'til NSD retreat
 Here are "Six Reasons Why" you should go to NSD
1. friends
2. food
3. fun
4. classes
5. comfy beds
6. your own 6 ft table.
There are so many more!
 Check out the new window decor!
Cat and Valerie re-decorated the front window of the store!
Don't you love that ladder!  
I can't wait to see it tomorrow
when I make my 
"Beautiful Life" album.

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