Saturday, April 18, 2015


Because of the issues I had with Blogger,
I'm a little late with Cat's latest sketches.
Here is one side of the two page sketch.
Cat incorporated some of the die cut/cut out
elements that so many of the manufacturers include 
in their collections.
Here is the other side.
I love how when someone else creates
a layout/sketch that you don't know which is the
right side or the left side.
Yet, it is so obvious to the creator!
When I create layouts for something like
the Page-a-palooza we had recently,
Cat may get the pages reversed.
It was obvious to me which was which,
but not so much to anyone else.

I have the same problem with the sketches.
But, it just means that there is no right or wrong
way to use these sketches.
Use your imagination and have fun creating!

Vickie Robbins began the NSD Countdown a couple of days
ago when I was having problems with blogger.
15 days till NSD retreat
 Have you signed up? 
Well "Bite The Bullet," 
pack your "Boots and Saddles"
 and sign up.
 It's not too late
14 days till NSD retreat
So get a roommate because nobody
 wants to be a "Lone Ranger."
 and the countdown for yesterday:
13 days till NSD retreat
This years theme is "The Wild Wild West" 
Yee Haw!!!

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