Friday, June 26, 2015


We all know how goofy Cat can be.
 She is also a fantastic photographer.
She oozes creativity.....

This story shares another
side of Cat and why 
she LOVES her store:
You have people come & people go in your life. 
There are always those that are more special.
 Today 3 of my ladies from out of town came to the store 
& mom was in a wheelchair not looking so healthy. 
I pulled one of the daughters off to the side to find out what was up.
 Mom had been diagnosed with end stage cancer.
 She was doing her bucket list with the help of the girls
 & one of her great granddaughters. 
The first thing on her list was seeing the new store & me. 
She had not been able to come see the store earlier due to her illness. 
I was so upset over her news but felt so honored 
that she wanted to see the store & me. 
We talked a bit & I gave her a big hug promising to pray for her.
 She wanted a pic for her bucket list album 
so we smiled big for her daughter. 
Tears all around to say the least. 
This is why I love the store--
beautiful people that I get the honor of knowing.

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