Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking Through The Windows

There comes a time in your life when you are on the outside looking in through the window. . .

And when you get done fixing that window so you CAN look through it you sit back and sigh with relief that it is DONE!  Then you look at each other and say, "How are they gonna finish their windows in class--it took us 3 days to do ours?"

So went the afternoon with me and Nanci. She gets hers all finished, back all stapled on and realizes that some of the pieces fell.  Out comes a minor expletive and then Nanci realizes there is a customer in the store and here she is saying a bad word. I was so busy laughing at her I could in no way keep a straight face. She kept apologizing for calling the window a B word and the customer was laughing at her too. She gets it all together again and has it set up and ready to show for class  As we are sitting and determining our next venture she looks and one of her starfish has fallen.  Well, now she has the big starfish on the outside so she has to very carefully get a portion of the back off. She just needs to get the big Zot covered with a button and the starfish can just lean on the bottom.  She is running around saying, "under the window, out of the window, in the window" as she gets all the tools back out to do minor surgery.

Mission accomplished and she is ready to set it up again.  Now---step away Nanci, just step away. The finished product looks like this:

Nanci found this cool 8 "pain" window that really turned out gorgeous despite the minor setbacks.

The right side of the window

The left side of the window. This is the big starfish she had to be careful not to break during surgery.

I decided to do my window with pics of me and my Studmuffin along with some of the windmill pics I have taken  Getting the layout down is the hard part. Then you have to get it all in line with the wood dividing the panes.  Of course I decided to use barb wire on mine so Nanci and I both ended up getting stuck trying to curl it the way I wanted it. (We were spinning yarns when we got pricked too!) (Did you get that Rapunzel reference?) Finally got it all together, lined up and ready to staple gun the back. I, unlike my friend, have not had to open the back of mine.  Ha! I saw her dilemma and used Scor Tape and Glossy Accents and glued that stuff DOWN! Plus, I used foam board on the back of mine and used T-pins to hold stuff on as well. I thought that was quite brilliant on my part.  Yes, we will be using foam backing and not chipboard on the class ones. They are also a lot lighter.  

Sharon did her beach one with Lance during the NSD Class. It turned out really cute too. She pulled an all nighter finishing hers. Then nearly fell asleep driving home later that day.  

Cat Nips for Window Assembly: 

Have your window clean and painted prior to class
Have your pics ready, all your ephemera ready and be ready to start creating as soon as class starts.
Have all kinds of adhesive--Scor Tape & Glossy or 3 in 1 are a must.
Be ready to move your window on and off your backing multiple times throughout the process.
Measuring tool if you are totally anal. I just eyeballed it and it worked just fine.
Call me ahead of time with your window size so that I can have the wood pieces (3-D Shadow box effect) and foam board pre-cut for your backs.

It is a lot of fun and you will have the most gorgeous piece of art for your home.I can't wait to see how everyone's turns out.

See ya at the store,

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  1. This is going to be a great class! Look forward to seeing what everyone does! Yours and Nanci's are definitely pieces of art!