Monday, June 15, 2015

Marilyn Is In The HOSPITAL!

Evidently Marilyn wanted some time off from life so she decided an ER visit on Friday night was in order.  Butch took her to Baylor Grapevine where she was admitted with not just gallstones out the wazoo but pancreatitis too!  I think she over did it a bit for a time off stent, LOL  She is most likely having surgery today (Monday June 15) and they told her to expect to be in the hospital all week.

You know she does the blog posts. . .Now that means, yep, you guessed it--I get to!  I shall try to be as creative as Marilyn on the posts.  In the meantime let's all keep her in our prayers and wish her well and a speedy recovery. Hospitals are NOT fun!


  1. This should be interesting! :)

  2. Ha! Valerie, I'll have you know I did 2 today and one set for tomorrow. I'm on a ROLL!