Monday, June 15, 2015

Artsy Fun, Messy Fun, Tons of Fun

Saturday was Fabulous with Stayce DeWid from Art Anthology!

What a great day of classes, techniques, friends and all out fun it was this past Saturday. Stayce taught everyone some of the coolest techniques to do using her wonderful line of Art Anthology products.  From the mists to the sorbets the ladies made some beautiful master pieces. Just check out their finished projects. . .
The tables were all ready for the ladies. I covered them with paper so they could spray away. Each one also had a box they could use to spray in as well.

Stayce started out telling them the proper way to use the mist sprayers.  

Ann was listening intently and deciding just how she was going to use her colors for her cards.

Joyce was all smiles and Joanne was thinking about taking my camera away it looks like, LOL!

Teresa is happiest when she is creating and she was in her element and full of it today.  Sharon was new to all of this mess and she was quite the silent rock star of class.  Her projects were wonderful..

My card.

Teresa's card

My second card

Total goofballs!

My canvas in progress.Now to figure out which pic I want to use.

Kourtneigh did this beautiful canvas with her family pic.

Love how Sharon's canvas turned out. She totally went out of the box on hers, even going from horizontal to vertical.

Got my layout almost finished, again, need to find the perfect pic.  I love working with cardboard. I used to make my Christmas tags from cardboard boxes that I tore like this, painted and added embellishments to.  That was in the 90s. It all comes back around ladies.

Kathy Blay did this adorable layout of her kids.

Sharon Gooding used her layout for pics of her parents.  

Our last layout was learning to stamp with dimensional pain. OK, I am totally LOVING this technique.  But now I'm going to color the inside of the flower  Can't stand it, LOL!

Thank YOU Stayce for a WonDerFul Day of Arts & Creativity.

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  1. It looks like it was a great day. All the projects are stunning! Everyone did a great job! Great blog BTW!